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help for showpage with only images

At the top:  you see the icons for general use:

  • Go back to "where you come from"
  • To the helppage (this)
  • Ask for  information of author and copyrights (rollover)
  • Title information and image information
  • Enlarge all icons, if you have a touchscreen, or tablet and like pointing with your fingers. 
  • Reduce all icons, if you want more room for  images.
  • Language for tooltips (Click to change)
  • Open the a (new) page with image-icons included.

The Image.  

The image-dimensions are precalculated, based on screen resolution. You can create a better fit by changing icon size and/or  image size .

Above  you see a lot of icons for image-handling:

  • Show the first image. 
  • Show the previous image.
  • Show an image at random.
  • Show the next image.
  • Show the last image.
  • Enlarge / reduce  imagesize to fit.
NB: You can optimize imageview by  resizing icons,and image.