help for showpage with image icons and 1 selected image.

Top line:  you find  icons for general use, titles and image information.

  • Go back to "where you come from" (last page)
  • Ask for the information about author and copyrights (rollover)
  • Go to the helpscreen (this)
  • Klick for changing language in "tooltips"
  • Enlarge all the icons, (if you have a touchscreen, or tablet and like pointing with your fingers). 
  • Reduce the icons, if you want more room for  images.
  • ....., clickable nrs of icon images , precalculated based on # images (alternating).
  • name of the show, title of the image and file-information
  •  open a page with photos only

Icons:  Next you see a row with image- icons of the show. 

  • Klicking on a image icon will present that image well sized. 
  • You can resize this image- icons , and scroll the icons ,
  • The number of icons is precalculated (5 - 10), based of the number of images in the show, but you can change this at any moment....

The image: Main image has a precalculated dimension, based on actual screen resolution.

You can:
  •  resize the image ,
  • direct select the previous, next, first, last image.
  • optimize the view by experimenting with resizing icons, icon-images and image.
NB: The resize settings will keep until you change them or reload the page.